Assembled Escape board


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Hive World’s assembled escape board:

  • allows the bees to quickly exit the super before harvesting.
  • a great non-chemical method of emptying bees from your super.
  • Although this method requires two trips to your apiary, there is way less stress on the bees.  As well, it is the best method to use in order to avoid a robbing frenzy.
  • available with either a plastic 8-way escape or your choice of 2 or 4 metal corner escapes.
  • Firstly, separate the supers you wish to extract from the lower supers with your harvest tool (Hive World’s Big Brute works a treat here):
  • Secondly, place the escape board on the lower supers and replace the honey super(s) you want to empty.  Return between 2 and 24 hours later to remove the emptied super(s).
  • Do not leave too much longer or the bees will tend to find their way back.
  • When using this method ensure that the top supers are absolutely bee-tight to prevent robbing once they have been emptied of bees.
  • If you have a large colony, be sure to allow sufficient boxes below the escape board to accommodate the bees coming down from the honey supers.  For extra boxes check our commercial full depth supers:

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Additional information

Weight 1.71 kg
Dimensions 51 × 41 × 4.3 cm

2x metal corner, 4x metal corner, 8-way plastic

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