Beekeepers Tool Belt



The Hive World Beekeepers Tool Belt features:

  • Ultra-strong magnet holds your hive tool in place until required.
  • Takes hive tools up to 30mm wide.  (This includes our super-sized Big Brute )
  • Special multi-compartment pouch for queen tools or other useful items.
  • This practical product will keep all your tools within easy reach.
  • Allows you to use both hands on the job without worrying about all your extra bits and bobs.
  • Eliminates ripped pockets on your beesuit!
  • Keeps sterilised tools from contamination in dirty beesuit pockets.
  • Avoids cross-contamination of hives.  A great advantage for AFB inspections!
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.
  • The BEST gift idea for your favourite beekeeper!

Customer satisfaction with the Hive World Beekeepers Tool Belt is amazing!  So many who have purchased one of our tool belts come back to buy another for a gift for someone they appreciate, realising just what a useful accessory this is.


Please Note:  Tools shown are not included.

Additional information

Weight 340 kg
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 6 cm

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