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Bulk-Purchase Beekeeper Gloves

Hive World offer a unique way to save on purchasing beekeeper gloves that will individually suit all your workers.

Purchase any combination of glove styles in the quantities listed to save on this basic necessity.

Prices do not include GST.

Contact us for your requirements as unfortunately we cannot process this offer through our website.

Simply phone 0800 000 770 or email to discuss your needs.

  • Description
  • Description

    As part of our offer to our commercial customers, we invite you to bulk-purchase beekeeper gloves to save money.

    • Let your workers choose their own style as the discounted prices apply across all styles and sizes.  This means you can purchase 1 x The Beekeeper gloves, 1x Goatskin and 1 x Washable and get the 3+ discount price on each.
    • Contact us on 0800 000 770 or email at to discuss your requirements as we cannot process this special pricing system on our website.
    • All prices are GST exclusive.
    Style Single purchase 3+ 6+ 10+
    Goatskin Gloves

    Sizes S – XXL

    SKU:  HCM-BG-2

    $17.40 $16.70 $16.18 $15.66
    Ventilated Goatskin Gloves

    Sizes L-XXL

    SKU:  HCM-BG-4

    $21.70 $20.83 $20.18 $19.53
    The Beekeeper Leather Gloves

    Sizes 7 – 12

    SKU:  HFT-B10

    $30.40 $29.18 $28.27 $27.36
    Washable Leather Gloves

    Sizes 5-12

    SKU:  HFP-360BHBE

    $47.80 $45.88 $44.45 $43.02