70L Heated Honey Tank


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Hive World supplies this 70 litre Heated Honey Tank with the following features –

  • double-skin stainless steel construction tank with lid.
  • thermostatically controlled heating element.
  • The great advantage with the 70L Heated Honey Tank is that the honey is not in direct contact with the element.  This is due to the water jacket double boiler heating method.  Because of this there is no danger of honey overheating as it is gently warmed all around.  This is in contrast to an element heating directly in the chamber.
  • Ideal for warming honey for ease of bottling as well as pasteurising.
  • A 20 litre pail of honey will fit inside to soften your honey while still in the pail.
  • Also used for making soap.
  • Can be used to separate the remainder of your honey from the wax cappings.
  • Includes a water gauge in order to monitor the water level thus ensuring it won’t boil dry.
  • 25mm stainless steel outlet valve.
  • Easy to adjust temperature control with power and heat indication light.
  • 50Kg equivalent honey capacity.

Feedback from a customer as follows : –

Just wanted to let you know that we just put our glass jarred honey into the honey tank (without filling the central area with water) and that’s sufficient to recrystallize the honey as is. Much easier that dealing with big buckets and issues with honey gates and water ingress. BM

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