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Plastic Handle Capping Scratcher

$6.10 Excluding GST

Hive World’s Plastic Handle Capping Scratcher is a durable tool with a molded plastic handle to comfortably fit your hand.  The metal tines easily scratch away the honey cells ready for extracting.  Ideal for using with manuka honey as the action of the tines helps liquefy the thick honey to help it to flow easier.

This tool is also useful for checking for varroa in your drone brood by pushing into the capped cells and lifting out the white larvae – easy to see any mites.

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  • Description

    Hive World’s Plastic Handle Capping Scratcher:

    • Sturdy moulded plastic handle fits your hand comfortably when working.
    • Ideal for pricking when extracting manuka honey as it helps the honey flow freely.  Manuka honey, although very thick,  has thixotrophic properties which means shaking or agitating it causes it to liquefy.
    • Metal tines easily scratch across the honey cells for extracting
    • This tool is also handy for checking drone brood for varroa mites – simply push into the capped cell and lift out the white drone larvae to easily see any mites in the brood.  This enables you to assess your treatment needs accurately.
    • The plastic handle capping scratcher is an economical multi-purpose tool that will prove an extremely versatile aid while working your hives.

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    Weight .050 kg
    Dimensions 20 × 7 × 2.6 cm


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