Standard Extracting Bundle


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Out of stock


Hive World supplies a Standard Extracting Bundle:

  • We have put this Standard Extracting Bundle together for an economical option to assist all the enthusiastic backyard beekeepers out there.
  • Included is everything you need to extract your honey with the minimum fuss and mess.
  • First of all a sturdy stainless-steel 2-frame manual extractor with honey gate.
  • Also a multi-purpose lidded uncapping tray with large capacity tank capable of storing your wet frames awaiting harvest.  This includes a holder for your frame while you uncap as well as a stainless steel drainer for the cappings.
  • 20L plastic food-grade pail with sealable lid and honey gate.
  • Double stainless-steel strainer (fits neatly over your honey pail).
  • Capping scratcher (good for pricking manuka frames).
  • Finally a serrated uncapping knife for neatly slicing off the capped comb.

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