Honey gate valve



Hive World’s Nylon Honey Gate valve is available in two sizes:

  • easily turns any food grade container into a honey container with a leak-proof pourable tap.
  • allows you to bottle straight from the bucket or to empty your extractor with ease.
  • The HCM-HG-1 fits a 44mm hole and has an inside diameter of 37mm, while the Italian style HCM-HG-2 fits a 48mm hole and has an inside diameter of 40mm.
  • The nylon honey gate valve is simple to install.   All you need to do is make the right size hole in your container and fit the honey gate on.
  • economical and strong food grade nylon construction with stainless steel screws to ensure a good lock.
  • We recommend this style of honey gate to the hobbyist who needs a reliable reasonably priced item for controlling their honey flow.

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