Every hobby beekeeper either has access to a honey extractor or would love to have one of their own but is it really necessary to own one?

Honey extractors certainly are the best way to extract your honey.  Some clubs hire them out.  Maybe get a group together and share the cost if you cannot afford one.  However, the advantage of owning one means you can extract your honey whenever you like.

We look at the different types and advantages of each:

Tangential extractors

Radial Extractors –

  • Not normally used by hobby beekeepers as they are larger, 8 or more frames.
  • Usually electric.
  • It is difficult to extract Manuka or Kanuka with the radial type as there is not so much radial force, but fine for all other types.
  • Frames do not require turning, just reverse the direction to extract the other side.

Cassette or Self-Turning Extractors –

  • Professional Type extractor.
  • The frames sit in individual baskets or cassettes that are in a radial configuration and hinged at the outer edge. Inner edge of the baskets are held in place with springs. This means the baskets swing depending on the direction of rotation to present the frames tangentially either way.
  • Ideal for Manuka extraction.
  • Frames do not require turning.
  • Can be 4 frame or larger.
  • Are electric and reversible, some have electronic programs to make them fully automatic.Honey Extractors

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