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Nuc Boxes

Hive World supplies either traditional wooden nuc boxes (in a kitset or ready to go package) or EPS Paradise Nucs for housing your swarms and splits. Why would you use a Nuc as opposed to a regular hive?

  • Because there is not so much room in a nuc, the colony is more focussed on their work.
  • The bees can keep the nuc warm with less effort due to the smaller area.
  • A warmer nuc means the queen will lay more brood quicker.  You will therefore get a strong ready-to-go hive sooner.
Once all the frames are combed and the weather has warmed up, you can then move them into a regular hive to multiply freely.

  • Galvanized Hive lid


    Hive World’s Galv Hive Lids are made of 0.55 gauge galvanized steel.  The regular hive lids are 80mm deep and the Nuc hive lids are 50mm deep.

    They are constructed with sprung ends to hold them firmly in place.

    For Quantity pricing please enquire.

  • Hive Doctor Smart Nuc – Full Depth


    Hive Doctor Smart Nuc made from Corflute with new Smart Lock lid and patented heat sealing technology.

    Available in 5-frame or 7-frame.

  • Hive Mat


    Our Hive mat kitset includes kiln dried rims with a tempered hardboard sheet for a durable product to use in your hive.

    The hive mat is used as an insulator and to prevent your hive lid from being stuck down by over-active propolizing bees.  You can sit your top feeder on it and make a small hole for the bees to enter the feeder.  This works particularly well with the Hive World Top Feeder as it has its own lid to keep the bees insulated from the weather.

    The 40mm rim hive mat can be used as an escape board.  Firstly,  make a hole in the mat then screw a bee escape (either an 8-way or porter style) on top.   Place it underneath the supers you are wanting to harvest.  The deeper rim allows for the addition of the bee escape:  this means it will fit comfortably between the hive boxes.

    We also supply a nuc hive mat to fit your nuc boxes.  Check your options below:

    (For quantity pricing, please call us.)

  • Kitset Nuc Box


    Hive World supplies Kitset Nuc Boxes for you to hive a small colony of bees – usually a package, swarm or split.

    Constructed in New Zealand from local materials and supplied flat pack for economy of handling.

    Nuc boxes are useful for:

    Hive World also supplies Galv lids and hive mats for nuc boxes.


  • Nuc Box Package


    Hive World sells a useful Nuc Box Package which is a good thing to have on hand in case of swarms and when you have a sudden need to do splits.

    Package includes a galv roof hive mat and wooden floor with a nuc box including a nuc entrance disc.

    These are paraffin dipped and painted for long life.

  • Nuc Entrance Disc


  • Paradise Nuc & Mate Hive


    NOTE – We have price breaks for quantity buys, please contact us.

    There are 3 options when purchasing a Nuc&Mate hive system:

    1. HFP-NMB:  The Basic Nuc&Mate with hive top & ventilated bottom, 1 x nuc body.
    2. HFP-NMBF:  As above plus a 5L top feeder with 2 x plexy beesavers.
    3. HFP-NMBC:  As per option 2 plus a division board.

    The Nuc & Mate Hive:
    The Nuc & Mate Hive is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use.  This nucleus hive can be used to expand your beekeeping operation, to sell bees or as an economical mating hive.
    The Nuc & Mate Hive is made of food grade, extra hardened, expanded
    polystyrene (EPS) with a density of over 100 kg/m3.  With proper use, the
    Nuc & Mate Hive will last for several decades.

    The bottom board, hive body and top are manufactured with a 6 mm high notch system which locks the parts firmly into each other.   The design ensures  good ventilation as well as ease of transport and stacking.

    The Nuc & Mate Hive has a screen bottom board with two 18 mm high
    entrances on opposite sides.  In the middle of the bottom board there is a 7 mm wide groove for the divider board so the hive can be used for two separate mating units. The mesh covering the ventilation hole in the bottom board should be secured with two screws. The groove for the dividing board continues up the end walls as well as along the inside of the hive top. The base has scalloped edges that allow a good ventilation and grip.

    With the Nuc & Mate Hive two queens can be mated within the same
    box by dividing the six frame hive into two three frame mating units. When using as a mating hive, each three frame compartment should be equipped with one frame with emerging brood, one frame containing food
    (or a frame feeder) and one foundation frame together with a ripe queen
    cell or hatched queen. When the queen is laying, the unit can be reused
    for mating another queen. In autumn, the divider is removed and the six
    frame colony is overwintered with a young queen.  Then, by the next season,
    these nuclei will evolve into valuable honey producing hives.

  • Paradise Nuc&Mate 5L Feeder


    Paradise Nuc&Mate 5L Feeder with 2 x plexy covers to fit your Nuc&Mate Hive.

    Double ended feeding to allow for two nucs per box.

    Made from lightweight but strong EPS100 expanded polystyrene that integrates seamlessly into the beehive.  Easy to install and remove when feeding is required.

  • Paradise Nuc&Mate Division Board


    Paradise Nuc&Mate Division Board turns your Nuc&Mate into a twin breeding colony with 3 frames in each.  When over-wintering, division board is easily removed to allow a 6-frame colony to survive safely.

    Quantity price-breaks are available on this product – see below for details.

  • Paradise Nuc&Mate Entrance Reducers


    Paradise Nuc&Mate Entrance Reducers are used to narrow the opening to protect your new colonies or to completely close one end if you are only raising one colony per box.


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