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Tools and Consumables

Tools and Consumables: Here you will find all the tools and consumables you will need to manage your hives.

Our range includes:

  • basic hive tools
  • uncapping tools
  • "charme des abeilles" bee charm spray to attract swarms to new hives.
  • Two special products we'd like to bring to your attention are our "Big Brute" harvest tool and the "Turbo-Pro" uncapper.

We stock a wide range of smokers

  • from the economical workhorse through to top quality, made in England  "Empire" stainless steel thoroughbreds.
  • Also available is  "Apifuge" a useful spray for clothing and hands to assist in deterring bees.

Have a browse through the following selection before making your choice.

  • Beehive Smoker – European style


    Hive World’s European-style beehive smoker with separate inner tank is designed in the Raunchboy style.
    Constructed in stainless steel, this smoker has wire protection and a removable and replaceable inner combustion chamber with corium leather bellows.

    The replaceable inner chamber will ensure your smoker gives you a long life of usefulness.
    Height 245 mm x diameter 104 mm

  • Beekeepers Tool Belt


    The Hive World Beekeepers Tool Belt is the ultimate beekeepers accessory.

    Never lose your hive tool again!  The ultra-strong magnet holds your hive tool in place until required.  Takes hive tools up to 30mm wide (including our whopping Big Brute).  With a multi-compartment pouch to hold all those little extras (queen roller, grafting tool, queen marker etc.,) this tool belt will keep all your tools within easy reach.

    This is THE gift for your favourite beekeeper.

    Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

    Phone pouches also available.

    Tools shown not included.

    “I was always misplacing my hive tool,then a friend mention to me about a bee keepers tool belt at Hive World. This is one of the best products I have purchased.  I never misplace anything now, the magnet holds the hive tool in place, plus there other pockets for other items.”

    Regards J D M.
    (“He actually purchased two!” Hive World NZ)

    N.B.  For the many Australian beekeepers interested in this product, please contact us direct on [email protected] as we cannot process your order on our website.  For your information freight charges are $25.00 untracked or $40.00 international courier.

    For multi-buy discounts (3+) please contact us either by phone (0800 000 770) or email ([email protected]).


  • Bulk Buy Hive Tools

    Hive World offers this unique multi-buy offer to purchase hive tools that suit all your workers and give you a range suitable for any job.

    Contact us on 0800 000 770 or email [email protected] to arrange your order.

    This amazing offer includes all our hive tool styles from our super NZ manufactured Big Brute to our baby pocket hive tool.

    Choose any 10 to take advantage of this opportunity.


  • Empire Smoker


    Hive World supplies this quality English -made stainless steel Empire Smoker for a long-life option.  This model has strong vinyl bellows and a safety grill to prevent accidental burns.

    For burning efficiency there is an internal grate with a pipe to funnel the air into the smoker.

    Quality doesn’t cost – it pays! 

  • Hive World Big Brute hivetool


    The Big Brute hive tool is a serious tool for serious beekeepers.  No propolis will be able to stand against this.  Guaranteed to get your supers apart with ease.

    This mighty tool is manufactured by us from 5 mm high tensile steel and is 320 mm long.   However, it  still fits on our HiveWorld Bee Belt so you won’t lose it!

  • Plastic Handle Capping Scratcher


    Hive World’s Plastic Handle Capping Scratcher is a durable tool with a molded plastic handle to comfortably fit your hand.  The metal tines easily scratch away the honey cells ready for extracting.  Ideal for using with manuka honey as the action of the tines helps liquefy the thick honey to help it to flow easier.

    This tool is also useful for checking for varroa in your drone brood by pushing into the capped cells and lifting out the white larvae – easy to see any mites.

  • Pocket Hive tool


    Hive World’s itsy bitsy teeny weenie hive tool – poke it in any handy corner. A Mighty Mouse of a tool to do your jobs without lugging along a Big Brute!

  • Replacement smoker tank


    This stainless steel insert will fit both our Large or Euro smokers.

    It is designed to extend the life of your smoker and is a handy replacement for the inner supplied with the Euro style Smoker.

  • Ripper Style Hive Tool


    This Ripper-style Hive Tool is an excellent stainless steel combo hive tool with a nice little hook on the side to lift your frames and sharp edge to split between them.

    At just 260mm long it is easy to handle and use.

  • Stainless steel American style hivetool


    Hive World’s American style Stainless Steel Hive Tool is a good rugged tool that will take you anywhere you need to go in the hive.  A nice shape to work the supers apart when they have been propolised together with a smooth curve to push against as a lever and sharp blade to do the trick at the opening edge.

  • Stainless Steel Smoker


    Hive World’s Stainless Steel Smoker is your go-to tool to help keep things on an even keel in the apiary.  Its calming influence will be a valuable confidence builder as you  work around your hives.  Made with a wraparound guard to prevent accidental burns and corium leather bellows, this sturdy model will give you good service.


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