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The Big Brute hive tool:

  • Developed as a result of our customers request, the Big Brute hive tool was designed to replace the car leaf spring that inventive Kiwi DIY beekeepers have been using for years.
  • This tool is our own manufacture right here in New Zealand.
  • Made from 5 mm high tensile steel, the Big Brute is 320 mm long.
  • Still fits the Hive World Bee Belt despite its extra size.
  • Gives you that extra needed leverage to deal with strongly propolized supers.
  • Big enough that you stand a good chance of finding your tool if you accidentally lose it in the undergrowth!

Customer Feedback on the Big Brute Hive Tool:

Just thought I would flick you an email regarding your Big Brute Hive Tool which I purchased from your rep when he called in about 2 months ago.

I only just started using it a week ago. The hives are strong, heavy and stuck together like they have been glued. A nice problem to have but and I was getting pretty frustrated trying to get them apart as well as damaging the boxes in the process. At this point I decided to give the Brute a go. Wow! I wish I had bought one years ago!! Absolutely brilliant and wouldn’t be without it now. The boxes prised apart with ease, there is hardly any damage to the boxes in the process, and my back is grateful as well! Just makes the process so much easier! Absolutely stoked and couldn’t be happier with the product.

Nice work Hive World!!

Cheers – S.B.

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