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We are pleased to offer the Empire Smoker:

  • The Empire Smoker is carefully made in England at our suppliers very own workshops using quality stainless steel to ensure long life.
  • Large smoker measures 310 mm high by 124 mm diameter
  • Strongly constructed of vinyl, stainless steel and cedar wood,  the bellows also feature a pipe to funnel the air to the smoker.
  • Includes a removable grate that sits inside the smoker consequently allowing more efficient burning.
  • Comes with a protective shield to ensure there is no chance of accidental burns while using.
  • A Smoker that will last the distance and give you many years of service with due care.  We would suggest it is the best smoker you will ever buy.
  • Following is a customer comment:  “Smoker was great – did 14 hives in one go”  AF

Here are a few ground rules for operating a smoker:

  • Always light your smoker before putting on your gloves and veil.  This avoids burning holes in your veil or melting latex gloves!
  • Bigger smokers are easier to light and they also burn longer.  As well as being easier to clean as you can get your hand inside the chamber when it has cooled down.
  • Use any fuel you like:  cardboard, egg boxes, hessian sacking, rotten timber, straw pellets, cotton waste, hay etc.  Keep your chosen fuel somewhere dry until you need it.
  • You need to light your smoker from the bottom up.  This means emptying the smoker, then light a small amount of card and drop it into the bottom of the tank.  Add dry fuel and pump the bellows to draw air into the burning fuel.
  • Spend a couple of minutes pumping the bellows and occasionally shaking the smoker to settle the fuel.  Once it is burning steadily, top up with fuel.
  • Ensure no flaming material is able to blow out of the chimney or you may set the apiary on fire!  The smoke should be cool and a pleasant smell – you are trying to mimic woodsmoke.  If the smoke is acrid or eye-watering you will need to change your fuel.
  • Once lit, the smoker should stay lit for hours with minimal attention.  Try a range of fuel to find out what works best for you and your bees.
  • If your smoker is burning too quickly and generating too much smoke kick it on its side to starve it of air.  A plug of green grass will do the trick as well.

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