Full Depth feeder 3 litre with lid and cage

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Hive World’s Full Depth 3L  frame feeder with lid and cages:

  • Lid keeps the syrup clean and prevents bees falling into the syrup.
  • Ladder cages provide easy access for your bees and minimise drowning as well as preventing propolis building up inside the feeder.
  • Strong quality plastic construction for years of use.
  • Holds 3 litres of sugar syrup.

Note – This full depth 3L frame feeder is 52 mm wide so it will still fit in a super with 9 x 33mm frames  but will only fit with 3 frames in a  nuc box.

Frame Feeders versus Top Feeders

Although top feeders are becoming very popular with their ease of use, there are certain advantages of frame feeders that should be considered.

  • A frame feeder is totally inside the hive thus avoiding any chance of robbing.
  • Keeping your feeder next to your brood ensures the syrup stays an ambient temperature.  Bees much prefer their syrup lukewarm rather than freezing on a cold winters day!
  • Bees don’t have to go up above the super to access the syrup as it is right beside them.  Particularly if you have an empty box on top of your hive, the bees will be reluctant to travel up to obtain the syrup.
  • Syrup in a top feeder can crystallize especially in the cold weather, making it difficult for the bees to feed.
  • To make it easier to fill your feeder, have it on the outside of your frames so you only have to shift the box slightly to access it for filling.

For our bulk buy deal see our special offer:  https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/product/3-5l-frame-feeder-carton-of-30/

Customer comment -“You have a good business, great service and I love the feeders.”

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