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Top feeder Rim

$8.35 Excluding GST

When using our Top Feeder with Lid you will require Hive World’s Top Feeder Rim which is specially made to protect it.  It makes a nice attic space in your hive for insulation above the hive mat to contain your top feeder for ease of access.   This rim is 75mm approx deep.


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  • Description
  • Description

    Hive World’s 1/3 Depth Top Feeder Rim:

    • is necessary when using our Top Feeder with Lid (HCM-BF10) to provide a frame to place your feeder inside.
    • constructed from the same quality NZ produced wood as our full depth and 3/4 depth hive supers .
    • The top feeder rim sits on top of the hive mat under the hive lid consequently providing just the right amount of space to install your feeder.
    • is 75mm deep (1/3 depth of a super).
    • is supplied already assembled and paraffin dipped.