Top Feeder with Lid

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Advantages of Hive World’s Top Feeder with Lid and Bee Saver:

  • 6 litre capacity – dimensions are 330 x 390 x 72mm deep.
  • fitted entrance guard/bee saver to prevent bees drowning when accessing the syrup.
  • comes with lid to keep the sugar syrup clean and provide extra protection for the bees.  This also prevents risk of robbing.
  • this is the easiest way for the beekeeper to manage feeding as you can refill without disturbing the hive.
  • the hive is not chilled when you need to refill as the hive mat is still covering the boxes where the bees and brood are.

We recommend placing the Top Feeder on top of your hive mat and making a small hole to allow the bees access.

You will need a top feeder rim to hold this top feeder Our 1/3D super is just the right size to surround your top feeder. Purchase  here:

Additional information

Weight 0.96 kg
Dimensions 39 × 33 × 7.5 cm

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