Queen Bee Grafting Tool


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Hive World offers two styles of Queen Bee Grafting Tool:

  1. Metal Queen Bee Grafting Tool
  • easy to grip, non-slip aluminium handle suitable for either left or right hand
  • the perfect tool for grafting the honey bee larvae with royal jelly thus producing your own queens.  You will find this a very satisfying accomplishment!
  • fine stainless steel tip so as not to damage the honeybee larvae and ensure precision grafting
  • precision work requires precision tool! -an indispensable asset for your micro-surgery.

2. Chinese Style Queen Bee Grafting Tool:

  • the most popular type on the market
  • made of bamboo and plastic with a small, very thin flexible head that easily slides under the larvae and royal jelly to scoop it out of the cell.
  • non-slip grip in the middle gives you excellent control.
  • spring-loaded so that pushing the end delicately propels the larvae off the tip and safely into the cell cup.
  • Above all, as with any delicate task, practice makes perfect!  Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have success first time.  Some grafters like to sharpen the end of the tool to make the job easier.

Queen Grafting  is a difficult, delicate task but with determination and practise (along with excellent eyesight and a steady hand) can be mastered and will provide you with a great sense of fulfillment and achievement.

As with all things about beekeeping there are many successful methods:  you just have to find the one that suits you best.

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Metal Grafting Tool, Chinese Grafting Tool


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