Queen Mailing Cage


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The Queen Mailing Cage features:

  • This mailing cage allows the queen to be cared for while contained as it has a separate attendant/candy compartment.
  • The flat shape of the cage allows it to fit between frames for easy introduction of your queen to the hive.  This maximises her contact with the colony.   As a result, the bees become totally familiar with her thereby minimising the chance of rejection.
  • Provides a convenient container to safely transport your queen when and where necessary.
  • The mailing cage is re-usable.
  • See our introduction above for a recipe for queen candy.  (taken from “Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand” by Andrew Matheson and Murray Reid).

*SPECIAL OFFER* Available as a multi-pack of 15 for economy – 29 cents +GST each instead of 44 cents +GST each.

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single, 15-pack

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