Hambly Queen Dial


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Hive World stocks the Hambly Queen Dial – an invaluable tool for the Queen rearer:

  • Clearly displays the different stages of growth through the cycle as well as informing you of the tasks that you should do.
  • Educational information so as to give you confidence and knowledge to carry out queen rearing yourself.
  • Internationally recognised tool developed here in New Zealand.
  • Includes the Queen Marking International Colour Code for a handy reference.
  • Very easy to follow chart includes photographic diagrams for fail safe identification.
  • Use the laminated write-on, wipe-off surface over and over again.
  • The Hambly Queen Dial is one of those items that is an essential part of every beekeepers information toolkit.



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Dimensions 28 × 21.5 × 1 cm

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