Nicot type queen rearing kit


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Complete Nicot type queen rearing kit.  Features:

  • Contains all you need to do your own queen rearing
  • Allows you to learn about this fascinating side of beekeeping and understand the life of the colony better.
  • You can replace your queens more frequently and economically when you can provide your own. (Younger queens are better breeders and less likely to swarm than older ones)
  • can be used for introducing new queens to the colony.
  • eliminates need for grafting as queen lays directly into the cups.
  • no need for delicate handling of the larvae.
  • requires much less supervision by the beekeeper.
  • you can purchase additional cell-cups to re-use the set.

It is a good idea to read all you can on the subject and keep close observation on the hive as well as learning about honey bee biology before you begin on this new step of your beekeeping journey.

Regular queen renewal (every 1-2 years) is important to keep the vigour of the hive and enables you to carefully select to enhance egg-laying performance of the queen, increased docility, life-expectancy and tolerance to some diseases and parasites of her descendants.

It is easier to successfully introduce a new queen to the colony using this kit as well as by the time the workers have eaten their way through the candy (fondant) to release her, they will be used to her.  The brood she lays will be loyal to her as well.

Watch the video on the link below to gain an understanding of what you need to do to successfully raise queens by this method:

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