Bee Nutrition in the Spotlight

Lately, bee nutrition has been the subject of extensive research due to scientists investigating some surprising new ideas.

Most beekeepers would have observed bees drinking from what we would consider dirty water sources.  However, this may be filling a nutrition gap.

It seems we still have a lot to learn about bee health.  In particular, what foods do bees really need,  as well as what pollen sources actually provide the best nutrition value for a bee.

Lincoln University studies are showing the mineral content of pollen to be the key factor in enhancing and maintaining bee fitness.  See the link to more information

Hive World is currently investigating healthy products to feed your bees.  Keep a watch on our website for future updates as exciting products are in the pipeline!  Meanwhile, we do promote Probee as a healthy supplement for your bees nutrition and health.  See link to our blog:
Bee nutrition in the spotlight

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