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    Buy up at our Special Price!!

    1 x Carton of 30 x 3.5L Frame Feeders for only $217.40 + GST delivered to your nearest PBT depot.

    Make the most of this great offer to stock up for your over-winter requirements now.

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    Hive World NZ are New Zealand agents for AU Wax melters

    The 35BD is a 35 litre thermostatically controlled electric double boiler.

    This product is designed as a cappings reducer, for  cleaning wax, recovering honey from your cappings, warming up to 50kg honey and candlemaking.

    22 litre water jacket

    Digital Thermostat temperature range 30 – 100 C

    2.3 Kw element

    Cold start to 85 deg in approximately 180 minutes - the fastest heat-up time for volume available on the market.

    All stainless steel.

    Allow 2 weeks for shipping.


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  • Hive World sells this 4 Frame Manual Tangential Extractor.

    Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel complete with nylon honey gate and stabilising legs.

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    Hive World is offering you this one-off chance to purchase a carton of 30 x 6L Frame Feeders for a very special price:  $275.00 + GST delivered to your nearest PBT depot.

    6 litre frame feeder

    6 litre frame feeder with cap and ladders

    These feeders are a popular, quality product that are robust and great for keeping your bees well supplied through the cold months and during your spring build-up.

    Customer feedback is very positive - it would seem they are the best available in New Zealand!

    Make the most of our great bulk deal to stock up on your requirements!

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  • Hive World's 70 litre Honey Tank with heater is a great way to warm your honey gently ready for bottling.  This tank is also useful for separating wax cappings from honey. Also can be used for soap making.

    Thermostatically controlled water jacket ensures your honey is not overheated.

    This tank can be turned into a creamer/mixer by adding the mixer kit https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/product/honey-mixer-creamer-adjustable-to-suit-a-range-of-tank-sizes/   


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    The Sherriff Apiarist Beesuit is without compare, first designed by BJ Sherriff in 1968, it continues to be their bestseller.  A great value investment as your quality made beesuit will last for years and years.

    The Apiarist offers extremely good overall protection as it is manufactured using a fine weave, smooth finish, quality polyester cotton which is both lightweight and robust.

    Styled with extra pockets for convenience (including a reinforced hive tool pocket) and thoughtfully finished to provide a bee-tight coverage with neat fitting zipped neck and elasticated wrists and ankles with zippers for easy dressing as well as the original Clearview Veil,  Sherriff's own revolutionary design made from black nylon mesh for excellent visibility and protection.  Cool and non-claustrophobic to wear.

    You will agree with Sherriff's statement - "The only suit worth having"

    Choose your size from the size chart below.  For more information see our blog: https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/b-j-sherriff-clothing-beekeepers/



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    The Hive World Beehive Starter Package is the easy way to get all the components you need to begin your beekeeping adventures.  The only thing you need to add is the most important ...the BEES!

    Includes the following -

    • 2 x assembled full depth paraffin dipped and painted hive boxes
    • 20 x full depth wax coated plastic frames
    • 1 x hive base assembled with entrance reducer
    • 1 x top feeder with lid, 1 x 1/3 depth wooden rim,
    • 1 x hive mat, 1 x galv hive lid, 1 x queen excluder, 1 x hive strap.
    • 1 x Apix-Pro beesuit,  1 x leather beekeepers gloves.
    • 1 x smoker, 1 x hive tool, 1 x bee brush.
    • "Starting with Bees" book

    Please specify beesuit and glove size in the notes box at checkout.

    "I liked the fact that you could buy the complete hive with all the tools, suit as a single package rather than having to buy all of the individual components!

    And I’d recommend to anyone else looking at starting beekeeping as well"  (H.C.)

    Customer comment

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    Beekeepers Friend pre-cut strips are specially manufactured in the USA from porous board.   All you need to do is soak them in oxalic-glycerine mixture.  This will provide you with a natural varroa treatment eliminating the possibility of resistance to synthetic treatments.  Furthermore, this is a great, low-cost option which can save a commercial operator thousands of dollars.

    Customer Testimonial:  "Excellent - most impressed with the results.  Tried others but this is definitely the best" CH Hamilton.

    See link to a study done in Argentina on oxalic/glycerine treatment -https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13592-015-0405-7




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    Spin dryers are the preferred alternative to the cappings screw press.

    Cappings are the only product not to go through the normal extraction process so using a Cappings Spin Dryer will ensure you extract the maximum amount of honey possible from your cappings: 100kg of extracted honey should only leave 2 kg of dry cappings.  Very easy to use, you simply put it next to your uncapping tank or machine, open the lid and tip the honey loaded cappings into the basket, shut the lid, turn it on (the machine self-stabilises) and turn it off when the honey flow stops.

    After a day of extraction, the honey house is clean and the wax is available to melt down later.

    With the spin dryer the wax is not broken up into micro pieces saving you from needing extra filtration. This model is the ideal machine for enterprises of up to 100 hives.  It can take up to 10 kg of cappings.

    Please Note:  Larger models are available.

    Contact us for more details.

    Delivery will be 4-6 weeks ex France.  POA

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    The Hot wax pressure pot sprayer is ideal for applying beeswax to plastic foundation.  This machine is manufactured by Viseco in Germany.

    The sprayer includes a heated pressure pot to hold 12 litres of beeswax, heated hose and heated spraygun.  This provides a way to evenly coat your foundation to your desired thickness with minimal overspray.

    As wax becomes more valuable this sprayer will save over- coating your frames and will ultimately save you time and  money.  There is no need to clean the wax out after each use as wax can stay in the system and it will be re-melted when reusing.

    This unit can also be automated if required.

    See our video:https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/spraying-wax-foundation/

    Please contact us for more information and pricing.


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    The Hive World Duoline Hot Wax Sprayer from Viseco in Germany is a simple and efficient way to spray your own plastic frames with beeswax.  You will achieve an even coating of the quantity you desire with minimal overspray.

    With beeswax becoming more valuable you not only save on the time taken to coat your foundation but will also save on wax used.  There is a great advantage in knowing where the wax came from that is used on your frames. Electronic controls enable you to regulate bowl and nozzle temperature. No need to clean out the gun on completion of job as the wax is re-melted each time it is turned on. All that is required is a supply of clean wax and a small air compressor.  It is recommended to set aside an area to do your spraying in to contain any overspray.

    See our video -https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/spraying-wax-foundation/

    Hot wax spraying is useful with many other applications in which solvent-free media are to be liquefied -

    • refining wooden surfaces on furniture and parquet finishing
    • corrosion protection in metal spinning
    • improving and designing candles and wax sculptures
    • professional ski servicing
    • impregnating packing materials

    Advantages are improved surface refinement, simplicity of operation, gentle heating up of the material and small consumption of air pressure.

    Please contact us for more details.


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    Paraffin wax dipper by Hiveworld NZ  The Paraffin wax dipping tank has been designed to make this essential but previously dangerous job safe and simple:

    • No need to put your hands anywhere near the hot wax while working.
    • The sides are insulated for efficient heating and for protection against accidental burns.
    • There is a temperature gauge fitted so you can ensure the correct temperature is maintained and not exceeded.
    • Fitted with an overflow pipe in case of boilover.

    It has two lids with clamps to hold your boxes so while two are being dipped, the others can be draining and then painted while still hot to let the paint be absorbed into the timber.  (If the waxed box dries the paint won't stick).

    With this model  one person can easily dip and paint up to 250 boxes a day. Customer comment -

    I can leave my young worker dipping and painting by himself knowing he will not burn himself or the building down.

    Included are two x 4-ring gas burners to heat the wax, however you will need to supply the gas bottles.

    Please Note:  If you allow the dipper to cool off with the lids down you will need to warm the tank to melt the paraffin so you are able to raise the lids again as the wax will have solidified around them.

    Also see our blog on paraffin dipping.http://hiveworld.co.nz/paraffin-dipping/

    For pricing please contact us on 0800 000 770

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