Cappings spin dryer

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Thomas Apiculture’s Cappings Spin-Dryer features:

  • Enables easy recovery of a large amount of honey that would otherwise be wasted from the cappings.  They are the only product that does not go through the normal extraction process.
  • The Cappings Spin Dryer is the preferred option to the cappings screw press as it ensures you extract the maximum amount of honey possible.  100kg of honey should leave only 2kg of dry cappings.
  • With the spin dryer, the wax is not broken up into micro pieces thus eliminating the need for extra filtration.
  • Easy to use – requires very little handling.  Put next to the uncapping tank or machine and open lid and tip the honey loaded cappings into the basket, turn it on (the machine stabilises itself) and turn it off when the honey flow stops.
  • After a days work your honey house is clean and the wax can be melted down later.
  • Adapts to all types of honey so can also be used for filtering.
  • This model can take up to 10 kg of cappings – ideal for enterprises of up to 100 hives. (Larger models are available if required).
  • Equipped with 24cm diameter basket with a removable 22cm diameter stainless steel basket
  • Tank height is 401mm and 330mm diameter – overall height 800mm
  • All stainless steel except the legs.
  • Lid with EC safety standard device.
  • Very stable operation – practically no effects of imbalance.
  • Powered by a 550 watt single phase motor and spins at 1500 RPM

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