Two Frame extractor


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Hive World’s Two Frame Extractor:

  • Perfect for the hobbyist, this well-made machine will assist you to harvest your honey with ease.
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel for hygiene and strength, your two frame extractor will last for many years.
  • is operated  by turning the manual crank handle on top.  Legs ensure the machine is a good height for you without having to find a table somewhere.
  • The barrel measures 380mm diameter and is 600mm high with robust stainless steel racks to hold your honey frames while they are extracted.
  • Honey collects in the inverted base of the extractor.  As a result it is easily emptied via the honey gate valve (included).
  • This is an economical solution for the hobbyist who wishes to extract with the minimum of fuss and mess.
  • See our blog on extractors


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