Electric 4-frame extractor


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Hive World’s Electric 4-frame extractor features:

  • Variable speed motor  allows gentle build up of speed to avoid damaging the foundation.
  • All stainless steel construction means an easy clean up and consequently aids hygienic honey production.
  • Because tangential extraction empties frames more efficiently, you will find this ideally suited to extracting manuka.  Pricking the comb before you start allows the honey to flow out gently. This then enables you to re-use the foundation.
  • Comes complete with honey gate for easy emptying.
  • The see-through perspex lids have a safety cutout fitted.
  • Our new model has longer legs to enable a pail to be easily placed underneath to empty the tank.
  • We also supply an extra coupling set with each extractor.
  • The Electric 4 Frame Extractor is ideal for hobbyists as it has a high benefit/price ratio.  Saves you the hard labour while costing very little more than a manual extractor.  This extractor must be the BEST VALUE for money available in New Zealand.  Our customers have been uniformly satisfied with its performance.
  • See our blog on extractors https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/honey-extractors/
  • Free freight to nearest PBT depot.

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