Hot Wax Sprayer

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The Hive World Duoline Hot Wax Sprayer:

  • This sprayer is manufactured by Viseco in Germany.
  • Suitable for any wax heated up to 95 degrees celsius.
  • For beekeepers, this means you can coat your own plastic foundation simply and quickly with beeswax.
  • Minimal overspray.
  • You control quality and quantity of wax used because you know the origin of the wax.
  • Also suitable for waxing floors, furniture, surfboards, metal spinning and concrete wine vats.
  • For large scale operations see our Hot Wax Pressure Pots (available in 12 and 24Litre):
  • The spray gun has electronic controls to regulate bowl and nozzle temperature.
  • There is no need to empty the wax out when finished, as it is re-melted when you turn the sprayer on again.  It is advisable however to make a stand to hold the gun upright between spraying operations to ensure no air pockets form to inhibit spray action.
  • 0.4 litre bowl capacity.
  • All you require is a supply of clean wax and a small air compressor.

Please Note:  We are no longer supplying this product.

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