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  • Introducing our classy new Hive World Ranger Jacket: Made from […]

  • Ventilated hive base complete with removable corflute sheet to reduce draughts in winter and useful for varroa check.

    Quality stainless steel mesh insert.

    Sturdy H4 treated bearers for long life.

    Assembled ready to use.


  • The Hiveworld Pro beesuit is a quality 65% cotton  beesuit with all the practical features you would expect to find in a garment that you need to be comfortable wearing day after day.  These beesuits are well made and topstitched for durability and we are pleased to offer such a sturdy suit for such a reasonable price.

    They feature a 2-way zip up the front (except for Size XS) with comfortable elastic cuffs on the sleeves and zippered leg openings for easy access.   Chest patch pocket and 2 front pockets as well as a hive tool pocket on the left leg give you plenty of storage space for necessities!

    Check size chart for your size:

    SIZE CHART:  (Actual size of garment in cm)


    XS       104              153              84        108          53             80                 73

             112               158              96        118          58             85                 74

    M          120              162              98       122          60             86                 76

             129               165            110       133           62             88                80

    XL        138               168            112      138           63             91                 81

    2XL      142               175            122      140           59*           95                82

    3XL      144               178            122      150           66             96                84

    #Length is from shoulder to ankle and Sleeve is measured from underarm to wrist

    *Sixe 2XL has elasticated wrist instead of cotton rib cuffs.

  • The Hiveworld Ventilated Jacket with Hood:  Here is a stunning high quality  beekeepers ventilated jacket styled for ease of wear. These airy 100% polyester jackets are beautifully made.  They have three pockets with Velcro fastening and one zipped pocket.  They have reinforced shoulders and sleeves with elastic thumbhold and YKK zippers.  The triple frame hood is fully detachable.

    Excellent for ease of use;  fast to put on and perfect protection when combined with solid trousers!  Cool and airy and comfortable - what more could a beekeeper wish for in summer?

    Sizes Small to XXLarge.



  • Thanks to your Hiveworld Ventilated Beesuit you will be protected from head to toe while working in your apiary.

    Beautifully made from airy 100%  polyester mesh, lightweight and comfortable to wear and provided with a triple frame fully detachable hood, the Hiveworld Ventilated Beesuit includes all the pockets you will ever need and more:  2 x chest pockets (one with zip closure, one with velcro), 2 x thigh pockets and 2 x rear tool pockets.

    The shoulders, forearms and front of the legs are made of solid fabric for reinforced protection and the ankles are elasticated with zippers for ease of entry.  There are elasticated thumb-loops on the sleeves for added security and a two-way front zipper with placket for convenience.

    See our size chart below for correct fit.


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    Hive World supplies Kitset Nuc Boxes for you to hive a small colony of bees - usually a package, swarm or split.

    Constructed in New Zealand from local materials and supplied flat pack for economy of handling.

    Nuc boxes are useful for:

    Hive World also supplies Galv lids and hive mats for nuc boxes.


  • The Hive World Uncapping Tray comes as a complete unit which includes a large capacity plastic tank with honey gate for drainage, a stainless steel drip tray to hold the cappings and a stand to hold your frames while you are uncapping them.

    This useful unit can hold 10 frames inside while draining and has a lid to keep the honey clean and the bees out.  Alternatively, you can leave your cappings draining knowing they are safely covered.  Fitted with small wheels to aid manouevrability.

    Tank size 740 x 353 x 330 high

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    The Hive World Stainless Steel Wax Press is a traditional, economic way to get the last of your honey from your cappings.  Hygienic construction and easy to clean.

    This useful press can also be used for making cider, fruit juice and other applications.


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    Hive World's Full Depth Plastic Foundation Insert fits neatly into Grooved Timber Frames.

    Available in Full depth or 3/4 Depth, choose from plain or pre-waxed. Sold in packs of 10.

    Plastic foundation needs to be waxed to encourage the bees to draw out the comb.  This is an economical way of providing for your hives as beeswax foundation is becoming an increasingly costly option.   Plastic is more robust than wax foundation therefore it can handle the extraction process repeatedly.