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Wax press

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The Hive World Stainless Steel Wax Press is a traditional, economic way to get the last of your honey from your cappings.  Hygienic construction and easy to clean.

This useful press can also be used for making cider, fruit juice and other applications.

More stock is expected by beginning of May 2021.

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  • Description
  • Description

    Hive World’s Stainless Steel Wax Press: 

    • This is a simple economic way to get the last of your honey from your cappings.
    • uses the traditional method. Works by screwing the contents of the basket, thus crushing out the excess liquid.
    • Assists you in collecting the beeswax for melting down into candles or for other purposes.
    • The wax press can also be used for crushing fruit for juice or cider and other applications.  It is advisable to chop the fruit up fairly small in order to accomplish this task.
    • Robust stainless-steel construction to provide years of service.
    • Easy to clean up and maintain hygiene due to the stainless steel surfaces.
    • Internal cylinder measures 23cm internal diameter and 27cm high:  Outside cylinder measures 30 cm diameter by 32cm height.  Rests on a 19cm high solidly constructed stand.