A fast powerful way to treat Varroa with Oxalic acid.

Manufactured in Italy these vaporisers can treat a hive in 25 seconds without having to open the hive. The vapor can be injected into the hive through the entrance or through a purposely drilled hole in the top super that you can plug between treatments.

The use of oxalic acid is gaining popularity as the treatment is very economical and is an efficient way to treat varroa. With this machine oxalic treatment becomes suitable even for commercial user see video – https://youtu.be/Bby6r1qWxys

Features are –

  1. New PID electronic system with thermocouple for automatic management and constant temperature maintenance.
  2. 316 Stainless steel boiler that ensures complete sublimation of the oxalic acid.
  3. Easily transportable, it is able to operate in any environment through connection to a generator or directly to the 220v electric grid or 12V inverter -> 220V.
  4. Includes carry case, two process plugs, and a 3m cable with 3 pin plug
  5. Draws only 300 watts.
  6. Weighs 480 grams.
  7. Built to CE standards and has a 12 month warranty


Advantages –

  • Is not toxic to the bees
  • Is not expensive to purchase
  • The hive can be treated without having to open it.
  • When the hive is broodless it will give a 95% kill rate with one treatment

Oxalic acid is a organic compound that is colourless as a solid and as a liquid. It is easily purchased and is not expensive.

It is found naturally in Oxalis, rhubarb, spinach, other greens and also in honey. It is what gives food a sour taste. It does not contaminate the wax comb when used.

When oxalic acid is heated to 157 deg C it sublimates (goes directly from a solid to a gas)

The gas spreads through the  hive and re crystalizes in a fog of tiny crystals that attach to the bees, mites and woodwork etc. This gives maximum exposure of the acid to the mites. Oxalic acid has no affect on the bees and there is no incentive for the bees to ingest it as it has no sugar in it.

If you have honey supers on the hive place a  barrier between the brood and the supers.

Oxalic acid is poisonous so keep powder out of reach of children. When using the Sublimox do not breath the vapor and wear a gas mask if necessary

To purchase go to the product https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/product/sublimox-apf-plus/



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