Sublimox APF-Plus


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The Sublimox APF-Plus Oxalic Acid Vaporiser/ Oxalic Acid Sublimator:

  • very quick operation therefore you can completely sublimate a hive in 25 seconds.
  • easy to operate due to running off an inverter or a small inverter generator.
  • uses the latest PID electronic control system with thermocouple which maintains an even temperature.
  • has a high-quality 316 stainless steel boiler thereby ensuring complete sublimation of the oxalic acid.
  • proven and used by hundreds of beekeepers worldwide.
  • Built to CE standards this quality product has a 12 month warranty.
  • includes a carry case, two process plugs as well as a 3m cable and 3 pin plug

Testimonials:  “Probably the best sublimator in the world… in terms of speed, convenience and ease of use I’d argue that the Sublimox is hard to beat.”  The Apiarist, U.K.

“Used the Sublimox this weekend, so easy to use we should of got these years ago.”  B.I. NZ Beekeeper.

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