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    Bayvarol  for varroa treatment .

    Each foil packet contains 4 strips - this is enough to treat 1 brood box.

    Easy and safe to use - simply inset between frames in brood box.

    Leave in hive for 6 - 8 weeks to provide maximum effectiveness.

    Best used in summer after honey harvest but can be used any time if there are severe infestations of mites.

    Active ingredient is  Flumetherin 3.6mg per strip.

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  • Hive World is pleased to offer these quality children's beesuits for your childs protection.  Ideal to allow the potential beekeeper to learn about the workings of the beehive at first hand.  Gives them the confidence to safely help out with tasks in the apiary and gain a lifelong appreciation of the value of beekeeping.

    Available in four sizes:  120cm, 130cm, 140cm and 150cm.

    All come complete with detachable fencing veil hood.

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    Hive World stocks the Countryman's Smock with Fencing Veil Hood in Khaki, sizes Small, Large and XL.

    This comfortable option is easy to put on and ready to go when you are.

    Made with the same attention to detail and quality materials that you expect in all our Sherriff products.

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  • 6 Kg plastic containers or 25 Kg pails of vegetable based food grade Glycerine.

    Suitable for use with oxalic acid for varroa treatment.

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    Hive World supplies a Kitset Hive Base which comes with tanalised runners.  This sturdy New Zealand made product provides a firm base for your hive supers.  Easy to put together and provides an untreated natural habitat for your bees home to rest on.

    Every home needs a good foundation to build on!

    All you need to supply is the nails.

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    Paradise Hive Bottom with Aluminium net for Varroa control.

    Sturdy EPS100 Polystyrene construction to support your Paradise Bee Boxes.

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    Paradise Hive Top with two belt supports fits snugly over your Paradise hive thanks to its ergonomic design.

    Cavity on the underside allows room for placement of pollen patties on the frames of the bee box.  Hardened edges protect top from damage from the hive strap.

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  • Paradise Nuc&Mate 5L Feeder with 2 x plexy covers to fit your Nuc&Mate Hive.

    Double ended feeding to allow for two nucs per box.

    Made from lightweight but strong EPS100 expanded polystyrene that integrates seamlessly into the beehive.  Easy to install and remove when feeding is required.

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    Hive World supplies three different styles of queen excluder: Galvanized […]

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    Hive World supplies Plastic Frame complete manufactured from Virgin Plastic.  They are excellent if you are wanting to be able to re-use your frames (which in today's eco-sensitive world is an essential).

    They are 33mm wide frames and should be waxed before use to enable the bees to draw out the comb.  We sell either waxed or plain options of 3/4 and Full Depth frames for your convenience.

    Sold in packs of 10.

    See our wax sprayer video for a do-it-yourself option:https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/product/viseco-duoline/

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  • Hive World's Stainless Steel Electric Uncapping Knife slices through your cappings with ease.  This ready-to-use uncapping knife has a fully automatic, non-adjustable temperature control.  Makes a neat job of uncapping, you'll wonder how you used to manage before you used this!

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