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    Hive World supplies packs of 250g Honey Cassettes to fit […]

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    Hive World's 6 litre Frame Feeder with Ladders and Cap is the professional way to feed your bees.

    This quality plastic feeder sits inside the hive so lessens the likelihood of robbing. It is easy to fill and holds up to 6 litres of sugar syrup. The cap and ladders are easily removed for cleaning and are sealed to prevent the bees making burr comb in the feeder or the queen laying brood inside.

    The textured walls give the option of using this feeder without the cap and ladders. The feeder measures 90mm x 230mm deep.

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    Apibox Maxi is an easy-to-use system for preparing honeycomb for sale.  It uses a 35mm wide basswood frame (wide enough to hold two rows of containers), and special PET food grade recyclable plastic boxes that fit neatly in your super either with your regular frames or as a whole super load.

    When the boxes are filled out all you need to do is simply close the lid on each packet and you have 24 attractively presented packs of comb honey for sale.  The sections hold up to 125g of comb honey in each.  We also supply the replacement packs of 24 boxes to use in your frame next time.

    The usual precautions for producing comb honey remain:

    • Do not harvest comb after the end of December in tutin areas.
    • Always ensure the honey is tested before sale.
    • To produce the best quality comb honey you must insert your boxes right at the peak of the honey flow so the bees fill out the comb quickly.

    See our blog on comb honey for more information - https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/comb-honey-production/


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    Hive World's  assembled escape board allows the bees to exit the super before harvesting.

    This proven method does not require chemical intervention.

    Place underneath the super to be extracted and return between 2 and 24 hours to remove the super without the bees.  Do not leave too much longer or the bees will tend to find their way back!

    When harvesting from hives with very strong colonies and the honey flow is still in progress, it is necessary to provide a super with empty combs on top of the brood nest below the harvest board, to accommodate the bees coming down.  It is also essential to ensure that the supers being emptied are absolutely bee-tight to prevent robbing once they are empty of bees.

  • Hive World's European-style beehive smoker with separate inner tank is designed in the Raunchboy style. Constructed in stainless steel, this smoker has wire protection and a removable and replaceable inner combustion chamber with corium leather bellows.

    The replaceable inner chamber will ensure your smoker gives you a long life of usefulness. Height 245 mm x diameter 104 mm

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    Hive World supplies our Hive Box as a kitset.

    These are quality New Zealand made boxes constructed from Commercial Grade timber.  They require staples, nails or screws for assembly (not supplied).

    We recommend that you paraffin dip and paint your boxes to preserve the wood and be aware that hives should be marked with the owners registration (hive number).

    For quantity pricing, please call us.

  • Dry Wall Shim for use with oxalic/glycerine mixture for treatment of varroa mites.

    See link below to a study done in Argentina on the use of oxalic/glycerine treatments -https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13592-015-0405-7

  • Full Depth Thin Super Wax foundation  422 x 212mm

    This beeswax foundation is ideal for comb honey.  It is especially suitable for lining cassettes to provide a foundation comb layer for the bees to draw out.

    Sold in packs of 10 x sheets.

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    Formic Pro is an approved organic treatment for using against varroa mite.  Formic Pro is made from all natural RAW materials.  Used for over 30 years without any known resistance.  High efficacy rate (83-97%) targets mites where they reproduce - under the brood cap.

    Available in a 2xdose pack that works in only seven days.


  • Hive World has put together this Frame Wiring Accessory package […]

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    Hive World's Full Depth 3L frame feeder with lid and cages (otherwise known as a Division Board Feeder) is a perfect solution for in-hive feeding.

    The lid keeps the syrup clean and cages minimise bees drowning and prevent propolising up the interior of the feeder.

    Note - these feeders are 52 mm wide so will still fit in a super with 9 x 33mm frames  but only 3 frames in a  nuc box.

    Customer comment - "You have a good business, great service and I love the feeders."

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    Hive World's Galv Hive Lids are made of 0.55 gauge galvanized steel.  The regular hive lids are 80mm deep and the Nuc hive lids are 50mm deep.

    They are constructed with sprung ends to hold them firmly in place.

    For Quantity pricing please enquire.