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25g Hexagonal Soap

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Hive World sells beautiful French made hexagonal shaped soap made from 100% pure vegetable oils with a fragrance of either honey or propolis.  These dainty 25g soaps are ideal for a gift package for someone special or to treat yourself with a gentle French lather!

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  • Description

    25g Hexagonal soap supplied by Hive World:

    • These lovely little soaps are made from 100% pure vegetable oils.
    • You can choose from two different fragrances, either honey (miel) or propolis.
    • The dainty hexagonal shape will ornament any bathroom.
    • French soap will always prove a very welcome addition to a special gift pack and furthermore the fragrance choice will be especially popular with bee lovers!
    • Guaranteed to be gentle on your skin due to the pure natural ingredients used in their manufacture.
    • Made in France (well known as the home of the worlds most highly regarded skincare products)
    • Enjoy pampering yourself or someone you care about with this 25g Hexagonal soap!

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    Hexagonal Soap 25g

    Honey, Propolis