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Bees at the Bottom of the Garden

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Here is a great book to introduce you to the joys of beekeeping!

“Bees at the Bottom of the Garden” by Alan Campion is a wonderful book to give anybody interested in keeping their own bees.

Beautifully illustrated with line drawings by Gay Hodgson and very informative, this is an enjoyable book for all who wish to find out more about bees and how to care for them.

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  • Description
  • Description

    “Bees at the Bottom of the Garden” written by Alan Campion is illustrated with beautiful line drawings by Gay Hodgson.

    This book gives a wonderfully informative overview of all you need to know when setting up beekeeping.  It provides practical information – what you need to do and have available, as well as what to expect from your bees.

    Although set in England, “Bees at the Bottom of the Garden” is easily relatable for the New Zealand reader.  An interesting and enjoyable read full of background information that will help to plug your knowledge gaps.

    Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to explore beekeeping for a hobby but is nervous about the ‘mystique’ of keeping bees.  The writer explains the working of the bee colony in an easy to understand way.

    A lovely gift for anyone you know that has a more than passing interest in bees!