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Queen Excluder Cleaning Tool

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Hive World’s Queen Excluder Cleaning Tool is designed to clean our metal queen excluder.  It is very important to ensure that the excluder is kept clear of honey, wax and propolis build up as it will inhibit the movement of the workers through the hive.

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  • Description

    Hive World’s Queen Excluder Cleaning Tool features:

    • a nifty gadget specially designed to clean our metal queen excluder.  (Please Note:  If you use our plastic queen excluders, you will find them flexible and easy to clean therefore you will not require this tool.)
    • Keeping the queen excluder free of honey, wax and propolis is a very necessary task.  It is essential that the workers are able to move freely through the hive to access the honey supers.  As well as this, it is important from a hygiene perspective:
    • The Queen Excluder cleaning tool exactly fits the slots in the metal excluder.  Therefore,  it is so easy to scrape the propolis and wax  from them.  Eliminates the need of  steaming or hosing too frequently,  as long as you keep up the cleaning on a regular basis when you do your hive checks.  Much easier option than leaving the excluders until they are totally gummed up!
    • When you are ready to thoroughly clean, the excluder cleaning tool will get rid of the big bits so you can just swoosh the rest easily!

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