Vapmite Oxalic acid vaporiser


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Vapmite Oxalic Acid Vaporiser:

  • This is a great affordable vaporiser for the hobbyist or small commercial operator.   All you require is a 12v battery (such as a car/motorcycle battery) to provide power to heat the oxalic acid crystals.
  • Includes  full instructions for a fool-proof application
  • Vaporising takes approximately 3 minutes and you need to leave hive sealed for 15 minutes to ensure treatment is effective.
  • The Vapmite Oxalic Acid vaporiser is 510mm in length with a 2.15m long cable.

WARNING:  Do not leave on for more than 3 minutes per treatment/hive.  Always follow the manufacturers instructions for safety.

Note – we get asked if you can use the vapmite with the Hive Doctor bases. The answer is Yes.

We recommend making up a 20 mm packer the same size as a super to lift the super high enough to allow room for the vapmite to work without melting the base and burning the frames. This also has the added advantage of improving hive ventilation. Trev Gillbanks has a video showing this.

Additional information

Weight 0.475 kg
Dimensions 56.5 × 8 × 6 cm

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