8 Way bee escape


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Our 8-way bee escape is:

  • the fastest way for bees to escape from the honey supers when you are ready to harvest.
  • made of strong plastic with screw holes provided to fix onto your escape board.
  • an easy and reliable way to empty your super ready for harvesting.
  • Screw onto the underside of a hive mat and provide a hole for the bees to access.  They will go down through the 8-way bee escape easily.  However when they want to return they tend to cluster in the middle of the escape and don’t reach the outside entrances.  This way, they are kept in the lower box(es).
  • It is wise to only allow 24 hours before returning to remove the empty supers as any longer and the bees will start to find their way back up.

*SPECIAL* Available in a multi-pack of 10 for economy – works out to $2.61 +GST each instead of $3.04 +GST each.

Additional information

Weight 0.145 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 1 cm

Single, 10-pack

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