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Metal Corner Bee Escape

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The metal bee escape is a great option if you like to paraffin dip your harvest boards.  It provides a short, easy route for the bees to leave the honey super.

Use on a 40 or 50mm thick hive-mat rim to provide ample room for the bees to leave the supers you wish to harvest.

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  • Description
  • Description

    Hive World’s Metal Corner Bee Escape:

    • A good option to use if you like to paraffin dip your escape boards.
    • Place either two escapes in diagonally opposite corners or 4 escapes (one in each corner) on your hive mat to use for a harvest board.
    • Provides a short, easy escape route for the bees avoiding jamming in the exit way.
    • Place on your 40mm thick-rim hive mat to make your own escape board for harvesting honey.   Leave for up to 24 hours under the super you wish to harvest and when you return, the super should be clear of bees.  A note of warning here:  do not leave longer than 24 hours as the bees may find their way back!