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Beekeepers Friend Strips x 100


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Hive World are the exclusive New Zealand stockists for Beekeepers Friend strips:

  • This new product is manufactured in the USA specifically for using with oxalic/glycerine solution as an organic varroa treatment.
  • Manufactured from a porous compressed board
  • Pre-cut strips, measuring 38mm wide x 380mm long for your convenience.
  • Ready for soaking in your chosen treatment solution
  • Recommended treatment time is 8 weeks in your brood box.  We recommend you check your boxes  after 4 weeks as the bees tend to remove them.  As a result, you may need to replace with more strips.
  • Beekeepers Friend strips are superior to Gib tape strips because they are thicker and do not curl up.  Therefore this makes them easier to insert between the frames in your brood box.
  • Save money by making your own oxalic varroa strips.   Approximately one-fifth of the cost of regular varroa treatments.
  • Many commercial beekeepers throughout NZ are now using this treatment thus avoiding resistance to synthetic treatments.

By law we are not allowed to sell ready-made oxalic/glycerine strips.  However, there are instructional videos and plenty of advice available on their manufacture.  (See our blog: ).  Hive World is not responsible for mis-use of this product.  The onus is on the user to ensure correct dosage and carry out adequate testing.

Available in boxes of  approx. 2200 strips or in packs of 100.

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