Uncapping roller



Hive World Plastic Uncapping roller:

  • Simply roll the uncapping roller over the capped frames before extracting to pierce the cells.
  • This is especially helpful when extracting manuka as it agitates the honey.  (Due to manuka’s thixotropic properties, agitating helps it to liquidise and flow freely).
  • Speeds up your uncapping process as rolling is much faster than slicing with a knife.  (You have to heat your knife to ensure that honey and cappings don’t stick and build up on the blade)
  • The easy rolling action makes this a nifty gadget you will appreciate when extracting time comes.
  • Reduces the amount of wax removed when extracting.  This helps the bees to refill the frames faster as they don’t have to produce so much beeswax to rebuild the comb cells.
  • After rolling your frames, they are ready to be placed in the extractor.  See our Extracting section for Hive World’s options:  https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/product-category/honey-house/uncapping-and-extracting/

Additional information

Weight 0.225 kg
Dimensions 32 × 12 × 5.5 cm

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