Serrated Uncapping Knife



Hive World’s Serrated Uncapping Knife (also known as a Honey Scraper):

  • uncapping is necessary to preserve the comb for the bees to re-use.  It removes the minimum amount of wax to allow the honey to be extracted.  In the olden days the honeycomb was destroyed when the honey was harvested and the bees had to rebuild the comb.  Now, we realise preserving as much comb as we can for the bees saves their energy for producing the maximum amount of honey.
  • works most efficiently when heated in boiling water before using.  (A good idea to have 2 knives, one can be heating while you are using the other).
  • ensure knife is dry before beginning your uncapping.
  • Serrated blade slices off the wax cappings neatly to prepare your frames for extracting.

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Weight 0.145 kg
Dimensions 40 × 4 × 4 cm


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