Meadow Candlemould


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Hiveworld’s latest candlemould style is the Meadow:

  • Attractive summery design standing 100mm tall and 50mm diameter.
  • Requires 115g of beeswax and no. 5 candlewick.
  • Detailed dainty style will promote a harvest theme.
  • Silicon candlemould handmade in Scotland will last for years with careful handling.

Easy to use Instructions:

  • Place the enclosed rubber bands around the mould making sure the edges of split match exactly.
  • Thread the wicking through the bottom hole and pull to top of candle allowing 2.5- 3 cm to thread through the wickholder ensuring the wick is held straight and centred in the mould.  Support wick holder on small blocks.
  • Lay the wick in the channel provided at base of mould.  You may like to place a small piece of bostik or plasticene to hold in place and prevent leakage.
  • Carefully pour the melted beeswax into mould filling right to top (may need a little top-up after a minute as the wax starts to cool).
  • Leave for up to two hours to ensure candle has set then gently open mould and remove candle.  Trim base of wick and any extra wax so candle stands upright.


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