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Hive World supplies a Candle Dipping Jig that will make 4 – 8 candles at a time with a maximum height of 43 cms.   The maximum diameter (if you are only dipping 4 candles) will be 3.8cm.   8 candles will be about 1.9cm in diameter.

The candle dipping jig has two fully adjustable hook units with a stainless steel framework.

We also supply a dipping tube to fit:

How to Use Your Candle Dipping Jig:

  • Adjust the collars for the required candle height
  • Thread the wick around the hooks and tension.  Make sure it leaves the spider’s arm on the same side each time.  Simply going up and down and up and down between wicks means that some will be closer together than others and you will not make the best use of the jig.
  • Dip to release air bubbles and then dip for about 3 seconds and cool between 1 and 4 minutes.  Carry on dipping and cooling until desired diameter is reached.
  • Trim the base of the candles away from the bottom collar.   To flatten the base of the candle, rub against the  warm surface of an iron or something similar.

NOTE:  Cooling arm is not included with this product.   We suggest hanging completed candles from a coat hanger or an airing frame until completely cooled.


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Dimensions 50 × 8 × 8 cm


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