Bee Brush


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Two styles of bee brush available –

Hive World’s bee brush with plastic handle:

  • has natural fibre bristles.
  • will not injure or crush the bees if used gently.
  • useful when inspecting your hives or clearing your frames ready for harvesting.
  • will firmly brush bees off frames, supers and clothes without harming them.
  • Note:  Take care to brush very lightly over uncapped frames or the bristles will quickly get gummed up.
  • It is very important to wash your bee brush with detergent and water to keep the bristles in good condition.   It is also essential to maintain hygiene when working on several hives in an apiary to prevent spread of any disease.

Hive World’s Wooden Handle Bee Brush:

  • has a single row of natural fibre bristles.
  • is gentle enough for brushing bees off queen cells yet firm enough to remove bees from frames, supers, or clothes.
  • will not crush or injure bees.
  • a useful tool for assisting a swarm into a box or hive.
  • good to use when only harvesting a few frames of capped honey. (Be aware that if you brush over the uncapped comb, the bristles will get clogged).
  • It is very important to maintain hygiene with your bee brush – with careless use you could easily spread disease from one hive to another.  Wash in warm soapy water and sun dry to ensure hive health.

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Dimensions 41.5 × 8 × 1 cm

plastic handle, wooden handle


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