Helpful hints for Comb Honey Production:

For successful comb honey production only use strong honey producing hives.

Know when your main honey flow starts.

Light coloured clover/pasture honey is best for comb honey.

Cut comb on a wired open frame is easier to produce as bees will fill a complete frame faster.

Cassettes and ross rounds are more work initially but are very easy to harvest with no mess.

If you don’t require a quantity of comb honey, place your frames in the centre of your honey super and the bees will fill it first.

The quicker the comb is produced the better looking it will be.

For cassettes, Ross rounds and sections when putting them on the hive, remove all partly filled frames and supers and bees will be forced to fill them first.

Keep a close watch on your hives and remove the filled comb honey as soon as it is capped. Put back the frames and supers you removed earlier to reduce the dander of swarming.

IMPORTANT – be aware of  Tutin risk in your area.

If you have partly filled comb at the end of the year leave them on and the bees will clean them out so you can reuse them next year.

Don’t be disappointed if you do not get what you want the first time, every hive and every year can be different.

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