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Where in the world can you put a beehive?  Well, you can put a beehive anywhere there are flowers that provide nectar and pollen; it’s amazing the places they turn up.
We find hives in every country in the world and in every continent except Antarctica; anywhere that bees can find food.

Ballantynes Department store in Christchurch has installed 8 hives on the roof of their store, selling the honey AND using it in their own kitchen. Rooftop hives are becoming a trend especially on city buildings with accessible roof areas.   We need to encourage Councils to provide parks and gardens with flowering plants as habitat for these insects.

Botanic gardens are also an obvious place for beehives, but what about cemeteries? Brooklyn’s Green Wood cemetery in New York, resting place for some who created a buzz when alive (including composer Leonard Bernstein) now is home to 15 beehives. These are run by a company that sells its honey under the brand “The Sweet Hereafter”!

Former President, Barak Obama, is credited with bringing beehives to the White House: now that would make them special bees! https://youtu.be/mP1cRqZ8JGwI wonder if the current president would be as interested!
Just be thankful we live in a country with a temperate climate where we don’t need to insulate to prevent hive losses over winter unlike areas of Canada or Northern Europe.
Where in the world can you put a beehive?  Anywhere it seems, as long as you look after it properly.  Wherever YOUR hive is, enjoy looking after it and it will provide you with some sweet pleasures.

For hive equipment and care suggestions see our product page:  https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/product-category/hiveware/hives/

Update at 9/4/2021 We can confirm that the beehives are still at the White House. https://www.noahwilsonrich.com/politicsofbees/

where in the world can you put a beehive?

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