The 2022 Colony loss survey has brought to light some interesting findings.

Important point to note:  There has been a 20%  increase in loss of hives due to varroa AND 15% of all beekeepers did not treat for varroa!

The other interesting fact is the number of beekeepers who are now using oxalic/glycerine strips.

2022 Colony Loss Survey

Over 25% of all beekeepers are now using oxalic strips.

72% of those using strips say they were “mostly” or “completely” successful.  This is an encouraging sign showing the effectiveness of this tool in the beekeepers anti-varroa arsenal.

We want to emphasise the importance of hitting  varroa with all the tools at our disposal to remain on top of this problem.  Varroa-weakened hives succumb more quickly to robbing, wasp attack and climatic difficulties.  Give your bees the best chance of healthy survival.

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