Hive World NZ are the New Zealand distributors for Thomas Apiculture beekeeping equipment manufactured in France.

We currently stock some of their unique products including:

  • “APIFUGE” an aerosol that calms bees down.   In New Zealand, this product is uniquely appropriate for helicopter pilots to use when ferrying beehives into bush country.  Due to visibility issues, they are unable to wear the usual beekeeper protection thus simply spraying their arms, neck and clothes (use normal precautions when spraying near face) will save them unnecessary stings.
  • An aerosol attractant ” BEE CHARM”.  This is an efficient swarm lure that is also available as a paste.  In order to attract your swarm into the desired hive, simply smear the paste or spray the aerosol around the entrance.
  • the Perfection honey gate:  These honey gates are available in 3 sizes (including a drum sized option) and are awesome for making a clean cut of your honey flow.  Solid plastic construction made in France promises long-lasting value.

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