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Bee Charm swarm attractant

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Charme des Abeilles Aerosol Bee Charm Swarm Attractant  is an easy way to help attract swarms to your hive.

This highly perfumed spray is almost entirely made from the essences of strongly scented flowers which are known to attract bees.

Lightly spray the entrance and inside the bait hive to attract swarms.  Repeat every 8 days.  It works best when you prepare the hive with bee products as well by rubbing the inside with propolis and spraying with honey water or wax to provide a familiar scent to the swarm.  Charme des Abeilles adds the scent of attractive flowers to complete the welcome.

Your bait hive should be facing the east for sunlight and sheltered from the wind.  It is wise to have the hive slightly tilted forward to ensure it is well drained inside.

Beekeeper Tip:  It is advisable to have your bait hive set high on a stable base and ensure the inside temperature does not get too hot.

For long life store your aerosol in a cool place.

Manufactured in France by Thomas Apiculture. Contents 500 mls.

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  • Description
  • Description

    Thomas Apiculture’s Charme des Abeilles Aerosol Bee Charm Swarm Attractant is:

    • a quick, easy way to attract swarms to the decoy hive.
    • made almost entirely of the essences of strongly perfumed flowers known to attract bees.
    • simple to use, just spray hive entrance and frames every 8 days.
    • Set your hive up facing the east to allow sunlight in.  Tilt it slightly to ensure there is no water pooling inside.  Ensure your hive is sheltered from the wind.  Rub the inside with propolis balls or spray with honey water or wax to increase the home atmosphere for a warm welcome to your bees!  The Charme des Abeilles ensures your success by adding the scent of flowers that bees love to their new home.
    • The aerosol is long-lasting if kept in cool conditions.
    • 450g weight, 500ml contents.