Premium Extracting bundle



Hive World has put together this Premium Extracting Bundle to provide an economical package to assist you in doing your own extracting.

The Premium Extracting Bundle includes all you need to extract and bottle your harvest with the minimum fuss and mess:

  • First of all a sturdy stainless-steel 4-frame manual extractor with honey gate.
  • Secondly a multi-purpose lidded uncapping tray with large capacity tank capable of storing your wet frames awaiting harvest. This includes a holder for your frame while you uncap as well as a stainless steel drainer for the cappings.
  • Thirdly, 2 x 20L plastic food-grade pail with sealable lids (and 1 has a honey gate).
  • As well, you receive 1 x double stainless-steel strainer (fits neatly over your honey pail); 1 x Capping scratcher (good for pricking manuka frames); 1 x serrated uncapping knife for neatly slicing off the capped comb and finally –
    10 x 500 gram (400 ml) jars to bottle your honey.


Everything you need to harvest your bumper honey crop!

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