Honeycomb Globe Candlemould


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Here’s a cute addition to our Candlemould range:  Hive World now stocks the Honeycomb Globe Candlemould.

This honeycomb globe candlemould will make a candle 50mm high by 45mm diameter.

  • Hand made from silicon rubber to ensure a professional finish as well as ease of use.
  • Long-life (with careful handling).
  • Pre-holed for your wick this mould includes a wick-laying channel to hold the candle upright while pouring the wax.
  • Requires 70g of beeswax and uses No. 5 candlewick.
  • We recommend using a wicking needle to make it easier to push the wick through as well as a wickholder to keep the wick straight while the wax is poured in and sets.  See our easy to follow instructions including video on the Candlemaking page:  https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/product-category/beeswax/candlemaking/
  • So easy to make, and sure to last you for many years, these quality Scottish candle moulds will provide you with many lovely candles for gifts or sale or simply for your own pleasure.

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Weight 0.225 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 7.7 × 5.7 cm

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